MiniCat 420


The MiniCat 420 is our best selling MiniCat model. It fits a wide range of functionality with the ability to mount an outboard and a total weight capacity of 992 pounds! This is the perfect family sailor. Easy enough for a few kids to manage, but fast enough to keep Dad happy!

The 420 is a fantastic boat, it sails with both hulls in the water and can really move, without the need for a lot of wind!

The MiniCat 420 comes in 4 different trim levels: Instinct, Emotion, Evoque and the Laura Dekker Edition.

All 420 models include a continuous line jib furler.

The Instinct is the base model 420. It is the only 420 model that does not have a boomed mainsail. This is a plus for parents for some peace of mind that no heads will get knocked by the boom, but you do lose a little bit of performance. The Instinct also uses a wire luff which doubles as the forestay. I find the assembly to a bit more tedious than the higher trim levels, but overall it is not much different. This boat employs Dacron jib and main sails with windows for great visibility.

The Evoque is essentially a carbon fiber version of the Emotion. The Evoque uses a carbon bowsprit, boom and rudder over the aluminum/fiberglass versions used in the Emotion. The Evoque also uses a Dacron jib sail and a mono-film clear main sail.

The Laura Dekker Edition 420 uses all of the features of the Evoque with the carbon fiber parts, but we now employ a very pretty red white and blue sail design as well as an upgrade to a carbon fiber Poly-X racing main sail! This sail will not show crinkles or creases like the mono-film sails do and looks very good when out on the water. I find the clear sails get “lost” in the background by other boaters. The boat also comes with a signed copy of Laura Dekker’s book “One Girl, One Dream”.


“What does Great Lakes Watercraft Think?”

We personally think the MiniCat 420 Laura Dekker Edition is the best bang-for-your-buck boat offered by MiniCat. It is very fast, easy to sail and can even be outfitted with an outboard for use as a tender or for when the wind dies down. The boat assembles in 20-30 minutes and can be stuffed in a hall closet when not in use. You are getting the best quality parts and with all that carbon fiber it has a sense of high tech about it.