TEMO•450W Electric Drive System

Introducing the TEMO•450W

Electric propulsion with a unique, all-in-one design, weighing less than 11 lbs. This 1.4 HP equivalent motor is perfect for dinghies and small sailboats.

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River-ready navigation

Drawing just 0.6 ft, the TEMO•450W allows you to approach any shoreline without risk of damage. It's perfect for navigation of shallow, rapid rivers like the Manistee River in Michigan.

Blog Post: Manistee River, MI

Powerful and practical

At 1.4HP, it is perfect for powering dinghies and small sailboats. Learn more about how the TEMO•450W helped Michigan Waterway Stewards remove 1000+ lbs of trash from the Grand River in Lansing, MI.

Blog Post: Michigan Stewardship

Lightweight and portable

Weighing less than 5 kg (11 lbs) and with a unique design combining motor, battery and control unit, the TEMO·450 is practical and ultra-compact.

Ergonomic design

Extremely simple, the TEMO·450 is comfortable for all due to its telescopic size design (4 to 5.5 ft) and its multi-position ambidextrous handle.

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