High Volume Inflator

High Volume Inflator

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If you are looking for an automatic pump but do not want to be dependent on another power source, this High Volume Inflator is a nice option.  It has a rechargeable lithium ion battery and is a very light and easy to use one stage pump.   

It does not have an exact halkey-roberts valve attachment, so we just open the valve and hold the High Volume Inflator against the open valve. It's small enough to slip into your back pocket, so very lightweight and convenient.

Please note that this option requires that you top it off to pressure with the hand pump. The High Volume Inflator by itself can only achieve about 1-2 PSI as it does not secure to a halkey-roberts valve. So it requires a little bit of pumping at the end to fill the boats all the way up, but it still saves a lot of time!

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