All New 2022 MiniCat 310 Inflatable Catamaran Sailboat

Introducing the newly redesigned MiniCat 310

Great Lakes Watercraft and Great Lakes Watercraft Canada welcomes the new redesigned MiniCat 310 Sport to our exquisite lineup of Inflatable Watercraft.

The MiniCat 310 was the first MiniCat model ever launched elevating the MiniCat brand to its current heights and delighting sailors all over the world since 2006. The newly designed 310 Sport retains the great sailing characteristics that the 310 has been loved for whilst incorporating the super-fast assembly process of the 310’s younger sibling, the MiniCat Guppy.

With the all-new design, new look and new style combined with the same fun character, the new MiniCat 310 Sport is the perfect choice for individual sailors who like speed and performance as well as families seeking a compact and safe boat.

What’s new?

Due to the new size and design of the 310 floats pre-fixed to the main frame with trampoline, the setup of this inflatable catamaran sailboat can be achieved in only 20 minutes max.  At just 73 lbs. (33 kgs.), or 11 lbs. (5 kg.) less than the previous model, portability and performance are both increased.

Take a deeper dive into the MiniCat 310

US Buyers Guide

Canadian Buyers Guide


Place your orders

The MiniCat 310 Sport will be available starting in November of 2021.   Place your orders now and be one of the first sailors in the world to own one of these awesome MiniCat inflatable catamaran sailboats.

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