Takacat & Torqeedo Cleaning up the Grand River in Lansing, Michigan.

Join Us On A Journey Towards Cleaner Rivers With MiWS

Hey there, fellow adventurers!

Here at Great Lakes Watercraft, our love for aquatic adventure is matched only by our deep commitment to preserving the natural beauty of our beloved lakes and rivers. Today, we're absolutely thrilled to share news about our latest partnership with an organization that shares this commitment: the Michigan Waterways Stewards (MiWS).

Michigan Waterways Stewards is an organization with a strong Michigan heritage, driven by a resolute mission to protect and improve Michigan's treasured and vulnerable waters. In a short span of time, MiWS has transformed our local Lansing area rivers into cleaner and safer spaces. Thousands of pounds of litter and debris have been cleared, blockages have been removed, and thanks to their hard work, paddling the Red Cedar River and Grand River flowing through the greater Lansing metropolitan area has become one of the top urban paddling experiences in the state.

In our collective pursuit of cleaner waterways, we at Great Lakes Watercraft are thrilled to announce our official watercraft sponsorship of the Lansing Rivers and River Trail Cleanup event. To provide a bit more detail, this exciting three-day event kicks off this Thursday and continues through Saturday, 6/8 - 6/10. Each day will start at 10AM and wrap up by late afternoon. If you are available this weekend, stop by and help make an impact on our local waterways!



Thursday, 6/8/23 - Saturday, 6/10/23
  • 10AM - 4PM Willbro Beach Kayak Landing @ Rotary Park.
  • Equipment, food, drink, and other hospitality provided.


If you wish to volunteer, or learn more about this event and Michigan Waterways Stewards, visit their website at: www.miwaterwaysstewards.org/lansing-rivers-cleanup-2023.

We are helping MiWS reveal the first of its kind, all-inclusive, Michigan Waterways Rescue Unit (MiWRU). 

The centerpiece of the MiWRU are the Takacat inflatable catamaran boats, which are uniquely suited to the task at hand. These boats are slim and stable, with a shallow draft that allows them to navigate narrow and shallow river spaces with ease. This makes them an excellent tool for river cleanup operations where accessibility and maneuverability are key.

But our commitment doesn't stop with the boats. To further our efforts towards environmental responsibility, these boats will be equipped with our eco-friendly Torqeedo electric outboards. These motors are not only gentle on the environment, but also powerful and efficient, providing the perfect blend of performance and sustainability for our cleanup mission.

Joining us in this noble endeavor will be Moosejaw, the official event outfitter, who will ensure we're all outfitted and ready to make the most of our time on the river.

While we're beyond excited to see our boats in action and make a tangible impact on our local rivers, we're even more excited to invite you, our valued community, to join us. This is a perfect opportunity to see our products in action, learn more about our local waterways, contribute to our community, and, of course, have an absolute blast while doing it!

So come along and paddle with us towards cleaner rivers. Your love for water adventures and your commitment to a cleaner environment are all you need. We can't wait to see you there!

Stay adventurous,

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