Embarking on the Manistee River with Adventure Archives

Embarking on the Manistee River with Adventure Archives

Nestled amidst Michigan's scenic wonders, the Manistee River weaves a tale of beauty, intrigue, and boundless adventure. And recently, it played host to an exhilarating journey by the incredible team of Adventure Archives. But what made this expedition truly unique was their collaboration with us - Great Lakes Watercraft, and our cutting-edge gear that turned these paddlers into river-boat champions!

“Adventure is worthwhile in itself.” - Amelia Earhart

Setting the Scene

Starting at the picturesque Red Bridge River Access site, the Adventure Archives crew embarked on a 3-day, 2-night escapade that spanned an impressive 40 miles of the Manistee River. Nature's beauty was in full display as the crew traveled from east to west, culminating their journey at the serene 1st Street Beach in Manistee, right on Lake Michigan!

Check out the sneak preview of the upcoming Adventure Archives episode below!

Gear Up for Adventure

Navigating a river is no easy feat, especially for those unseasoned in the endeavor. That's where our specialized gear, designed for both novices and pros alike, came into play:

  1. Takacat T380LX - Our pride and joy, this boat was the crew's trusty steed. Lightweight yet robust, its quick-release wheels proved essential, especially during a challenging 0.4-mile portage near Tippy Dam. It's stability and durability is demonstrated as the gang explores tricky stretches of river, and breaches shore  to set up camp. 

  2. Torqeedo 1103C - This 3.6HP electric outboard was the workhorse of the journey. This tiller-controlled motor is whisper quiet and allows for powerful navigation while enjoying the serene landscape. 

  3. TEMO 450 - This little 1.4HP electric outboard is built similar to a mud motor. By having the propeller positioned at the end of the body of the motor, you can trim the motor up or down by hand. This makes it easy to adjust for varying river depths. Great for navigating areas with lots of submerged trees or the extreme shallows beneath a dam. 

  4. Safety & Comfort Tools - From carabiner clips ensuring that no gear took an unexpected swim, to the comfortable stadium-style seats providing respite, we made sure Adventure Archives had every convenience at their fingertips.

Nature, Navigation, & Novelty

Throughout their journey, the crew encountered various ecosystems and landscapes. Each presented its own challenges and beauty, but with the right gear, every obstacle is transformed into an opportunity for fun!

Additionally, the Great Lakes Watercraft team scouted the route and was able to provide Adventure Archives with the provision of an GPS Alltrails route. Key waypoints indicated potential problem areas, such as shallow spots or obstructions, and also highlighted optimal points to switch between the Torqeedo 1103C and TEMO 450. This ensured not just a safe journey but also an efficient and enjoyable one.

How Can I Watch the Full Adventure Archives Episode?

As of today, 10/26/2023, the public release of the episode isn't scheduled to happen for a few weeks. You can watch the trailer linked above, or follow @AdventureArchives on social media for other teasers. 

Or, as we have done, you can subscribe to the Adventure Archives Patreon to view the early release! We have enjoyed all kinds of extra content such as early releases, mid trip updates, and bonus material being apart of their community. 

Keep your eyes peeled from more of our updates on the trip and what went into making it so special!

Ready for Your Own Adventure?

Inspired by the exploits of Adventure Archives? Dreaming of your own river escapade? Look no further! Whether it’s the Takacat T380LX, the dynamic Torqeedo 1103C, or the versatile TEMO 450 you're interested in, we have all the gear to set you on your journey. Dive into our extensive collection and let the Manistee River’s call beckon you to adventure!

Embark on your adventure today with GreatLakesWatercraft.com!

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