Takacat T380LX



Please note that due to heavy interest during this summer of 2020 season, we are currently out of stock. All Takacat LX Series purchases will be considered pre-orders for our shipment arriving the first week of October. We are offering incentive for pre-orders! For more information, call us at (810) 875-1546 or send us an email at sales@greatlakeswatercraft.com.

The Takacat T380LX has the extra buoyancy and space to take the whole crew with you, and additional space for gear such as dive or sports gear. A longer waterline offers big advantage for planning and performance with these additional loads or when a small outboard is used with a light load on board. With its 4 tube chambers and 1 floor chamber, the T380LX provides the safety stats well suited to a wide variety of uses such as flood rescue, coach and support boats, and dive support boats.