Takacat T300LX



Please note that due to heavy interest during this summer of 2020 season, we are currently out of stock. All Takacat LX Series purchases will be considered pre-orders for our shipment arriving the first week of October. We are offering incentive for pre-orders! For more information, call us at (810) 875-1546 or send us an email at sales@greatlakeswatercraft.com.

The Takacat T300LX is our most popular size Takacat. This boat really is the jack-of-all trades. It is the perfect tender for the cruising family as well as an amazing day boat! The T300LX will look just as good on the shore while you have a picnic as it will when glide past a johnboat with twice the horsepower hanging on the transom. The Takacat T300LX boasts the same revolutionary features as the other LX models including the open bow, quick drain Tube Transom® and catamaran hull design! The T300LX is perfect for use as a tender or a stand-alone boat. You can easily board from the water fully equipped with SCUBA gear or you can take a buddy fishing with you! The T300LX is also amazingly safe, safe enough to take the kids out for the day!