Takacat HD Transom
Takacat HD Transom
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Takacat HD Transom

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Takacat Size

The HD transom has square tubes which are made of thicker steel (2mm vs standard 1.2mm). The outer transom board on the HD transom had stainless steel plating to prevent the motor clamps from making indentations in the board. The HD transom is standard on the T460LX and should be recommended as an accessory to any customer buying a T420LX and any customer who is planning to use any motor over 10HP.

Any time you buy a Takacat and plan to put the manufacturers maximum recommended horsepower outboard on it, we recommend purchasing an HD transom for your boat. This will help better support the weight of the outboard, increase performance, and decrease the likelihood of you experiencing cavitation/flooding issues. Example - if you wish to put a 25HP on a T420LX or a 15HP on a T340LX, consider buying an HD Transom. You can find a graphic that has the maximum recommended HP outboards for each Takacat size by scrolling half way down the landing page for the Takacats.

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