MiniCat 310


The MiniCat 310 is MiniCat’s first sailboat design. They have done constant updates to the design, but the 310 design has been successfully sailing all around the world for 15 years!

The 310 is a great boat for live aboard sailors or for kids that want a full featured sailboat that they can manage and even right themselves without any adult assistance! A solo sailor that is looking for a minimum storage footprint would also find the 310 as a great fit.

What are the major differences between the 310 trim levels?

The only real difference between the boat trims is the continuous line roller furler.

The Super does not have a furler and the jib can not be stowed while underway.

The Sport has a continuous line roller furler and a dedicated forestay. You can remove all of the sails from this boat without having to drop the mast.

Both models come with your choice of sail colors between red, blue, yellow, and orange.


“Since the first time I saw a MiniCat being sailed (circa 2009) I was so impressed at how so much fun could be had from a sailing boat that you could carry in a bag.”