Sailing the Great Lakes

Sailing the Great Lakes

The Great Lakes offer sailing enthusiasts of all levels plenty of opportunities to enjoy quality time outdoors. The lakes are very accessible from many regions in both the United States and Canada. Lake sailboats come in a range of styles and sizes, and the best ones are compact and worry-free.

The Great Lakes

This series of interconnected freshwater lakes is unique not just in North America, but in the entire world. They form the largest group of freshwater lakes on the planet, but they provide ocean-style fun, including rolling waves and distant horizons. The lakes are:

  • Lake Superior
  • Lake Michigan
  • Lake Huron
  • Lake Erie
  • Lake Ontario

As a unique freshwater ecosystem, the region is home to plants and wildlife that can be easily enjoyed from lake sailboats. Some of the animals you might expect to see while sailing the great lakes are puffins, salmon, ducks, crabs, and beavers.

The Best Parts About Sailing The Great Lakes

Everyone from beginner to advanced sailors can find The Great Lakes ideal for a perfect day of sailing. These are just some of the many reasons locals and visitors alike enjoy sailing The Great Lakes:

  • Many ports and harbors to explore dot the coastlines
  • Freshwater sailing is a wonderful experience – the water is clean and the spray is refreshing
  • There are no sharks to worry about
  • Many natural wonders can be found, from coves and inlets to islands and peninsulas
  • The scenery is beautiful
  • Many parts of the region are tranquil, perfect for a day of relaxation
  • There’s no need to rush or get competitive – leisure exploration is the norm here

Sailboats That Work Best On The Lakes

Because The Great Lakes offer a treasure trove of scenic beauty and natural areas that invite exploration, the best lake sailboats to use here are the ones that are smaller, easier to maneuver, and convenient for hopping on and hopping off.

Pure sailing fun is what these lakes beckon, and one of the best types of sailboats for seeing the lakes up close at your own pace is the MiniCat. This inflatable boat is easy to assemble and a breeze to sail. Both experienced and novice sailors like the performance and maneuverability these lake sailboats offer. 

MiniCat sailboats come in a wide range of sizes and bright colors. Depending on the model, they can fit two to four people comfortably and take anywhere from ten to forty minutes to assemble. They are extremely portable, which means you can drive to your favorite spot with your boat in your car, set up your sailboat in about a half hour (or less), and set sail to your favorite destinations in practically no time.

Additionally, many accessories are available to make the outing even more enjoyable. MiniCat accessories include:

  • Additional front trampoline
  • Protective cover
  • Inflatable seats
  • Carbon mast
  • Wind flag
  • Pressure gauge
  • Storm sail
  • Telescopic paddle
  • And more

Other boats that are fun to take on the lakes include kayaks and paddleboards. Of course, the lakes are home to larger boats, too, including motorboats and yachts. But for accessibility, ease of use, transportability, and sheer fun, you can’t go wrong with a MiniCat.

Don’t Miss These Gems

Some of the unique treasures found on The Great Lakes are not to be missed! When sailing The Great Lakes, be sure to see the following (you’ll have to take many trips and set sail often to see them all):

  • Saugatuck, Lake Michigan: A lakeside getaway spot that’s a delight to explore from the water as well as on foot. 
  • The Apostle Islands, Lake Superior: A collection of scenic islands that are part of the National Park Service, this destination offers beaches, cliffs, lighthouses, and more.
  • Mackinac Island, Lake Huron: The island is home to a state park that’s brimming with natural wonders, from sea caves to forest trails.  
  • Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario: A beautiful, extensive bay to explore, with lots of ports to stop for a bite to eat or a refreshing drink. 
  • Kelleys Island, Lake Erie: An island and a village that offers natural areas to see, coastal trails to hike, and great restaurants to try. 

A big part of the fun of sailing The Great Lakes is what you’ll discover on your voyage! Once you get started, you’ll soon find new favorites you’ll want to return to again and again.

Ready To Shop For Lake Sailboats?

If sailing The Great Lakes sounds like the next great adventure you’re ready for, stop by Great Lakes Watercraft to select your perfect sailing vessel. 

As a Michigan-based family company that believes in building relationships, respecting nature, and having grand adventures, we help novice and experienced sailing enthusiasts find the perfect boat for their sailing voyages along the lakes. Get in touch with us to discover the possibilities!

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