NATSEQ Tandem Kayak


The NATSEQ Tandem Kayak is the latest and greatest in the world of portable kayaking. Sure, there are inflatable kayaks and other portable hard-hulled kayaks on the market, but all of them sacrifice performance for portability. The German engineered NATSEQ Kayak solves that issue and it can be converted to a Solo in 30 seconds or less.  The locking system is based on a commonly used automotive style latch, and it does more then keep the boat sections together, the latches also draw the sections closer together to eliminate the gap and provide unrivaled rigidity.  Up until now, the NATSEQ has only been available for purchase in Germany in 2020 and are being touted as the same or better than the name brand premium touring kayaks on the market, in terms of on-the-water performance and handling. The NATSEQ achieves more than just making a kayak portable, it also achieves greater utility by also allowing a tandem cockpit to be added without sacrificing rigidity! Why buy two kayaks when one NATSEQ will serve all of your needs?

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