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The perfect motor to pair with your Takacat tender.

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Torqeedo Ultralight (1-3HP)

The name says it all – the lightest Torqeedo outboard weighs only 8.8 kg (incl. battery) and transports anglers to the right spot for a big catch.

It’s quick and easy to mount on fishing kayaks so you can focus on the fishing.

The Ultralight comes with lots of power, up to 100 km range, and a new innovative mount that’s easier to fix in place, operate and transport.

Tailored mounting options ensure compatibility with many popular kayak brands, e.g. Hobie, Grabner, Prijon and Rotomod.

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Torqeedo Travel (1.5-3 HP)

With its integrated lithium battery and outstanding efficiency, our Travel is a great alternative to any small petrol outboard. It can do everything a 3 HP outboard motor can, but is lighter, cleaner, quieter, and more convenient.

Moreover, it easily propels tenders, dinghies and day-sailors up to 1.5 tons and, when required, even over long distances.

The new top-of-the range model Travel 1103 C comes with direct drive, a high-capacity 915Wh battery and a range-extending 73% increase in capacity compared to the base model.

Greater power and durability, yet quieter than ever. The Travel 1103 C runs at just 33 DB – as loud as a whisper – and is the quietest motor in its class.

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Torqeedo Cruise (5-20HP)

Torqeedo has upgraded their proven, reliable Cruise motors with even more powerful lithium batteries. The durable and extremely robust design is perfect for sailboats, motorboats and commercial applications up to 10 tons.

These long-distance outboards specialists continue to impress with unrivalled efficiency and outstanding range.

Available with remote throttle (R) or tiller (T) control, in 2.0 kW, 4.0 kW and 10.0 kW versions, the Cruise 2.0/4.0 is a lightweight at only 16/17 kg – despite its exceptional power.

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Looking for Parts and Accesories?

Torqeedo has extras to allow you to connect your phone through Bluetooth to show a range map, expand you battery capacity, or simply replace a broken propeller.

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