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Great Lakes Watercraft is proud to be the exclusive distributer for Takacat in the Great Lakes Region

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Combining innovation, stability and performance

The Takacat is the first of it's breed.  It has an Open Transom design and can be rowed or powered by an outboard.  The Takacat LX Series is truely the most versatile inflatable catamaran on the market.

✓  Easy access, open bow design

✓  Catamaran stability and speed

✓  Quick drain transom

✓  Packs away into two small bags

✓  Industry best after-sales support and warranty

✓  Easy, yet inexpensive re-tubing

✓  Integrated quick release wheel mounts

✓  Can be rowed easily

"Everyone at our marina is envious of our new toy! It has a sleek design with unmatched performance compared to tenders we've had in the past!"

a boat built for adventure and family fun

Whether you’re looking to explore your favorite fishing spot or take the family out on the open water, Takacat has you covered. The two carrying bags make Takacat compact and easy to transport. The quick assembly time will have you on the water in no time at all!

The easy access Open Bow makes it easy to get in and out of the water without a hassle. And when you’re done for the day, it takes just a few minutes to deflate, pack down, and head back home.

"Perfect for our family. The open bow makes it easy to get on and off the boat. It's extremely stable and it stores nicely on the foredeck of our ranger."

Built to withstand the test of time

In cold or tropical weather, Takacat will carry the load.  They are an innovative, modern range of inflatable catamarans that are high performance, versatile, portable, cost effective, and engineered to handle the elements.  

✓  Tubes: 0.9mm thick, 1000 denier custom made PVC with UV resistant coating

✓  Air Deck Floor: 8mm thick reinforced drop stitch PVC with anti-skid and UV resistant coating to provide high-tensile rigid core

✓  Stainless steel tube transom

✓  Motor mount: 18mm marine plywood painted with durable waterproof paint

✓  Quadruple overlapped, single seam joined by chemical bond gluing system provides superior durability

✓  Heavy duty rubber under each tube provides extra protection when beaching and transporting

"Due to the catamaran design the Takacat requires less engine power to plane, creates a fraction of the drag when being towed, provides easy access to the water and most importantly will not fill up with water during a critical beach landing."

The Takacat Story: Innovation at work

Since 2007, Takacat has committed themselves to innovation in the inflatable boat market.  With each new design and product lineup, Takacat has stayed true to their guiding principles of providing safety, stability, and speed, while also offering versatility and ease of use.

In recent years, director Greg Snowden's design has been inspired by the latest technology in Thundercat Racing.  His experience, attention to detail, and support from extraordinary engineers has yielded an innovative, modern range of inflatable catamaran sport boats.  

Great Lakes Watercraft is proud to represent the brand and it's history.  As an exclusive distributer in the Midwest, it is our job to provide an platform that allows Takacat to compete with the traditional design and expectations from other inflatable boats on the market.

"The dinghy is a critical tool for accessing the shore and shallow waters. We have opted for the Takacat 300LX.  The design radically differentiates from traditional dinghy design, which has remained more or less unchanged for the past 30 years." - Andreas Barba

a Vessel used as a platform to inspire

Takacats have a reputation that extend beyond recreation and the traditional work of inflatable tenders.  Here is a Takacat being employed by the sailing vessel, Barba.  

Barba's key expertise is interacting with the marine environment, at times under technically challenging conditions in remote locations.  They work with scientists and conservationists, and use the media to raise awareness, inspire and to transfer the conservation message.